Negative volume index metastock

(The Negative Volume Index, displays what the smart money is doing.) Note, however, that the PVI is not a contrarian indicator. Even though the PVI is supposed to show what the not-so-smart-money is doing, it still trends in the same direction as prices. Apr 21,  · BREAKING DOWN 'Negative Volume Index (NVI)'. The Positive and Negative Volume Indexes are trendlines that can help an investor to follow how a security’s price is changing with affects from volume. Positive and Negative Volume Index trendlines are typically available through most advanced technical charting software programs such as MetaStock. The Negative Volume Index (NVI) trading indicator tracks cumulative changes in volume and is designed to understand when the “smart money” is active. The central idea is that the “smart money” is most active on days when volume is light and markets are calm.

Negative volume index metastock

If the close is towards the lower half of the range of the price action, then volume is negative for the day. A chart compares the Volume Accumulation indicator. NEGATIVE VOLUME INDEXOverviewThe Negative Volume Index ("NVI") focuses on days where the volume decreases from the previous day. The Negative Volume Index (NVI) is a cumulative indicator that uses the change in volume to decide when the smart money is active. Paul Dysart first developed. Chaikin's Money Flow is a built-in MetaStock indicator, as follows: cmf(periods) Persistence of Money . This is negative volume indicator: Cum(If(VSee the video Negative volume index metastock
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